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Life Coaching – SL – Coaching Series 2 No 5

Life coaches can help you with a wide variety of topics. Having extensive life experience themselves, they will help you determine what it is that you really need in life and how to reach your goal/solve your problem by using different psychological and motivational techniques – whether you have issues following or maintaining a quality diet, relationship problems with your family, spouse or friends, or motivation and happiness issues...

What Are The Different Type Of Coaching – SL – Coaching Series 2 No 2

The four main categories of coaching are motivation, business, life, and performance coaching – which is Steve's main area of expertise. Also, there are main subcategories of coaching designed to help athletes, singers, actors, etc. The great thing about coaching today is that, wherever you are in the world and whatever it is that you want to do, you can find just the right coach for your current goals. An additional advantage is a possibility of having multiple coaches at the same time. So as you progress and develop, you can substitute coaches as necessary in order to reach your new and ever-changing goals.

Make Decisions, Take Actions – SL – Business Coaching While Sailing

Taking crystal clear decision is vital to business owners, the business coaching while sailing program is intended to do just that. While spending a good time with the clients, we make them realize that they can and must act to adapt to situations continually, this can be extrapolated to their business environment. It stimulates leadership as well as reflexes.When you're in business or in any area of your life when you're not making a decision and not taking action you're wasting the most precious.

What Will Be My Return On Investment On My Coaching – SL – Coaching Series No 8

If you're willing to grow, better yourself as a person, and make progress both in business and in life, hiring a good coach might be a great idea for you. A question almost everyone will be asking themselves when deciding on a coach is: "Am I going to get my money back? Is this going to yield me a positive return on my investment?"

What Would Be The Cost Of Coaching – SL – Coaching Series No 4

Coaching fees can differ greatly. But before you even consider a coach's fees, you want to inquire into the following things: What exactly can this coach do for me? What kind of experience do they have? Executive, motivational, relationship? It is always wise hiring a coach who was/is successful within your area of interest or business, for they are the people who are intimately familiar with your goals and the ways of achieving them...

Tap Into the Power of Logic

Tap Into the Power of Logic Why logic? Our world is full of people who rely solely on their emotions. Whether it’s making big life decisions, or just figuring out where they want to eat that night, “What do I feel like doing?” is a common motivator. This kind of wishy-wa...

Coaching and Your Privacy

Should I keep my coaching a Secret? Coaching can provide a tremendous value to anyone seeking an increase in performance but unfortunately, for people other than athletes and sometimes singers who hire coaches to better their vocal performances coaching is somewhat tabo...

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